New years Resolutions

The following are the most popular New years resolutions tips and tricks:

1. Stop Smoking

It’s a particularly hard time to give up smoking as there is such a build up. Furthermore, if you are partying at New Year – it’s particularly hard to stop at Midnight, so you’ve already failed before you’ve started. However, if you have decided that this is the time of year that you want to try this then plan support. Visit the chemist or the doctors and get some stop-smoking aids or try alternative methods like hypnotherapy.

2. Get Fit

A very common resolution is to get fit. There is always a rush on with Gym membership in the New Year, and the number of January runners significantly increases on the number of December runners.

3. Weight Loss

This one always appears in the popular New Year’s resolutions, especially after the seasonal binge throughout December.

4. Stop Drinking

This one also seems tricky to enforce if you’ve attended a New Year’s party. However, some people do seem to think New Years are best started on January 2nd which means that drinking, smoking, and eating are all allowed on New Year’s Day – this seems an approach to abstinence that is more likely to succeed.

5. Family

The first of the popular resolutions that involve doing more of something, rather than less is to see more of your family and friends. The time for seasonal reflection often makes people realize that they have not seen as much of their parents, siblings or best friends as they used to.

6. Charity

The excesses of Christmas often makes people reconsider their values and decide to give regularly to charity. It’s a good time for the charity shops as parents are clearing out all of the previous Christmas presents to make way for new presents and old clothes are being sorted to make way for the new ones.

7. Education

People often resolve to improve their education in the New Year whether this is by getting more books from the library, taking up a language correspondence course or an evening class in Ancient Egyptian!

8. Job

Recruitment companies are always ready for a huge rush in the New Year as this is when people resolve to sort out their life and get a better job, to earn more money, pay off their debts and buy a new sofa. OK, this is taking the example a bit far, but it all starts with the job search. Recruitment companies are particularly keen to ensure their web servers are up to scratch to cope with the increased demand in January.

9. Health

If you’ve been suffering from niggling health worries, January is a common time for people to summon up the courage to arrange an appointment at the doctors or sexual health clinic to get checked out.

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