It has come to that when we have to bid farewell to the old year and usher in a new year. Most people always want to do
this in style by lighting fireworks. Fireworks are a great way to celebrate New Year. However they pose certain risks if they are not used in the right manner. It is very easy for people to make mistakes when handling fireworks therefore safety procedures need to be followed to ensure a safe transit into a New Year. The following are the top 5 firework mistakes that people make and how you
should always avoid them.

  1. Allowing Children to Light the Fireworks

One thing for sure, fireworks are very fun to watch but this is not always the case when they are left in the wrong hands. Fireworks can be very dangerous to young children if they are let to light them since they can spark when pointing at them and cause them serious injury. Instead, ensure that you as the adult lights them and allow the kids to safely stand back and enjoy the show.

  1. Pointing Fireworks at Somebody or Something

Most fireworks injuries are caused by people pointing them at other people or animals when lighting them. This might seem like a very fun thing at first but it is important to know that it is very dangerous. If you are near people playing with fireworks, ensure that you take them away. Fireworks are not meant to be played with and should be handled with great care.

  1. Igniting a Bunch of Fireworks all at Once

Twisting several fireworks fuses together and lighting them together is very dangerous and can result in serious
injury. It is advisable that one person is appointed to light the fireworks and they should only light one at a time. All other people should stand at a distance and watch the show.

  1. Relighting a Firework That Does Not Work Properly

Although fireworks are not cheap, it is crucial never to try relighting one that failed to light properly upon the
first attempt. This is because there is a possibility that it will go off when you are trying to relight it and this can injury you very seriously. Instead, dip it in a bucket with cold water and wait for 20 minutes before disposing it of properly.

  1. Not Having Fire Extinguishing Equipment Close By

No one knows when an accident will occur therefore always ensure you have a fire extinguisher at hand when lighting fireworks so that in case of anything, you will be able to put out the fire before it causes any harm.

Remember you just want to hear the bang and enjoy the show of fireworks but not to feel the effects of them. Therefore ensure that you note these mistakes and always avoid them. Start sending those New Year invitation cards and mention that you will be lighting fireworks.

Happy Holidays!

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